Sermon Notes

The Marriage Supper, Revelation 19:1-10

I. The Wedding Celebration Begins, vs. 1-6

     A. A Hallelujah of Redemption, vs. 1

     B. A Hallelujah of Retribution, vs. 2-3

     C. A Hallelujah of Regulation, vs. 6

II. The Wedding Ceremony Begins, vs. 7-8

     A. The Plan is Consummated, vs. 7a

    B. The Preparation is Consummated, vs. 7b-8

          1. Personal Righteousness
          2. Provided Righteousness
          3. Practical Righteousness

III. The Wedding Continues, vs. 9-20:3

     A. The Guests at the Wedding Supper

     B. The Glory of the Wedding Supper

     C. The Groom at the Wedding Supper