Sermon Notes

1 John 2:7-11

I. The Meaning (vs. 7,8)
     A. It is old because it has been with them since the beginning in the Old Testament Law.
     B. It is New because it has been raised to a new standard in Jesus Christ
          a. The extent to which it reaches
          b. The length to which it would go
          C. It is raised to a new level in believers

II. A Comparison (vs. 9-11)
Love and Hate; Light and Darkness

Some Ways we regard others:
     1. As Negligible
     2. With Contempt
     3. As a Nuisance
     4. As an Enemy
     5. As a Brother

A. If we love our brother we are walking in the light (vs. 8,10)
B. If we hate our brother we are walking in darkness (vs. 9,11)
     1. They are unloving people (Titus 3:3; 10)
     2. They are governed by circumstance and surroundings
     3. They don’t know where they are going
     4. They are stumbling blocks
          a. To themselves
          b. To others