September 30th our process of Deacon nominations for the new church year.  Please prayerfully consider each nomination and make sure they fit the criteria below. We will be accepting nominations forms from September 30th through October 21st.


In addition to the qualifications of deacons revealed in I Timothy 3:1-10, please consider these criteria for serving as a deacon of Calvary Baptist Church:

  • Should be a Christian for a least two (2) years when term begins.
  • Should be a member of the church for at least one (1) year when term begins.
  • Should be a resident member of the church.
  • Must be in “good standing” with the church fellowship.
  • Faithfully supports the doctrines of faith as described in the Southern Baptist’s 2000 doctrinal statement The Baptist Faith and Message.
  • In accordance with the Church Covenant of Calvary Baptist Church, does not abuse alcoholic beverages or drugs.
  • Faithfully attends church services and programs.   
  • Candidate should understand that being a deacon means having to visit membership and prospects and have other personal time allocated to the various deacon ministries.
  • Agrees to serve in the Deacon Family Ministry Plan and other related programs.
  • Agrees to attend all regular and called Deacon’s meetings unless providentially hindered.

Current Deacons

Active Deacons for the 2018 year are listed below and are not eligible for nomination:

  • Bradley Brooks
  • Josh Clark
  • Keith Doegg
  • Ken Guice
  • Phil Johnson
  • Rodney Leonard
  • Jerry Lumpkin
  • Zack Stegall
  • Terry Morgan
  • Bill Peters

Nominate A Deacon

If God is leading you, please type five names of men to be considered for Deacon Nomination.