CK Juniors, our nursery and preschool department, offers three primary classes, divided by age, beginning with babies at 6 weeks and advancing through age four.


Babies Nursery – 6 weeks to 1 year
CK Juniors – 2 to 3 years
Cruizer – 4 years

Sunday Schedule

9:30a Life Groups, GROW Curriculum
10:30a Worship Hour, Extended GROW Curriculum

Wednesday Schedule

6:30p Play & Worship Curriculum

Calvary Kidz

Calvary Kidz exist to have a chance to change a kid’s etenity through a relationship with Jesus. It’s not at all for our glory but for the glory of God. We take it seriously that we get to tell kids about the Good News of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are then so excited to disciple kids to grow in their relationship with Jesus. We want to go serve, go love, and know that every kid has hope in Jesus. We want out kids to love Jesus and love people!

What are your children doing?

Children’s Church

Each week, we offer children’s church to kids during the 10:30a worship service. Each month, we focus on a word of the month and use Bible verses and stories to learn about Jesus. We have rules, questions, stories, a time in the Bible, videos, music, memory verses, games, crafts, and a lot of fun! The Parent Cues given out at pickup each week are very important. They let you know what we have talked about and encourage you to spend time with your kids during the week, with a focus on Jesus.

Life Groups

Each Sunday at 9:30a, we have life groups for all ages, including kids. Each week, kids learn about what the Bible is telling them. Our caring leaders are great with our kids and allow them to learn in a classroom setting.

Small Groups

Small groups happen each Wednesday evening at 6:30p. This is a very interactive time that allows kids to get engaged with their peers and leaders while having a lot of fun! We continue learning what we learned about on Sunday and how we can follow Jesus in our day to day life.

Sunday Schedule

9:30a to 10:15a – Life Groups
10:15a to 10:30a – Parents pick up their kids from the children’s church room.
10:30a to 10:45a – Kids worship with their parents in the worship center.
10:45a to 11:00a – Children’s church rules and the word of the month.
11:00a to 11:15a – Interactive music time.
11:15a to 11:30a – Bible story and teaching time.
11:30a to 11:45a – Video to review the story.
11:40a to 11:50a – Craft to engage the story.
11:50a to 12:00p – Game/outside time to engage the story.
12:00p – Pickup in the activity center.

Wednesday Schedule

6:30p to 6:40p – Rules, questions, story, and word of the month.
6:40p to 6:50p – Refresher from the story on Sunday.
6:50p to 7:30p – Small group time.
7:30p – Pickup from small groups.

Connect with Us!

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Facebook: Search ‘Calvary Kidz Rome’
Instagram: Follow ‘@CalvaryKidzRome’

The Cross Over

The Crossover is a 4th-6th grade ministry that meets every Sunday during worship time with the goal of achieving long-term spiritual growth in upper elementary children, bridging Children’s Ministry with Youth Ministry.

Unlike most other upper elementary ministries, The Crossover is designed to teach children Biblical literacy skills such as exegesis, note-taking, and daily Bible study. The students are encouraged and taught how to apply the message given on Sundays and Wednesdays to the rest of their week, and ultimately their lives.

In order to build a community of united students, The Crossover hosts monthly “hang-outs” that foster an atmosphere of growth and friendship, creating bonds that can last a lifetime.